ARC SEED is a turn-based tactical game with roguelike deckbuilder elements where you pilor giant Mechs and protect earth from an interstellar threat


Choose your Pilot and Mech and prepare to build your city defenses and equipment.

Face the incoming alien threat, known as Angels, that traveled interstellar space in their seed pods and arrived on Earth bringing death and destruction.

You will need to upgrade your mech, manage your weapons and equipment. Build the perfect deck combination and survive all the incoming Angel Titans. You can also build your city defenses and with appropriate funding create the perfect city fortress.

Just don't forget to give enough time for the population to evacuate. Once the buildings are empty, you can use them as part of the offensive, to block incoming attacks or even crush the Angels between buildings.

Key Features:
- Equip your Mech: Upgrade your systems, weapons and manage your deck
- City Fortress: Buy Artillery, Tanks and even other Mechs to face the incoming threat
- Destruction: The Angels might bring much destruction, but you can also use buildings as weapons
- Save the Citizens: Make sure the population is evacuated in time, the governments will reward you if you do so.
- Replay: Even if you fail, there are other cities you can still save, no time to rest!