Massive Galaxy Studios


Massive Galaxy studios is a one man indie game studio based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Developer behind Massive Galaxy and For The Warp, interested in rethinking and combining old game genres.


For the Warp is a spaceship roguelike deck building game. You need to head back to your home system, survive, explore and head for the warp gate!

Now available on Steam

LakeSide is a cozy city builder, where you build and expand your lakeside city state and be the most wondrous city in the known world!

Now available onSteam early access

ARC SEED is a turn-based tactical game with roguelike deckbuilder elements where you pilor giant Mechs and protect earth from an interstellar threat

Coming soon on Steam

Massive Galaxy is a mix between classic point and click adventure and space trading game Explore the branching storyline and pixelart worlds, with turn-based combat and galactic exploration

Coming one day... on Steam


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